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Chinese herbal medicine is a science based on ancient experience. Over millennia, herbalists have evolved a vast and intricate knowledge of hundreds of Chinese medicinals. Moreover, not only have they defined how each medicinal can be used, but also they have documented what happens when certain medicinals are combined. The resulting classical formulas may be modified according to certain centuries-tested principles to maximize positive results and minimize negative side effects.

Clinical herbalism is a core component of my practice. I prescribe medicinals in conjunction with acupuncture, and often as stand-alone treatments. With medicinals, I treat a wide range of conditions from sciatica to anxiety, insomnia to glaucoma, fertility support to thyroid imbalance. I especially find satisfaction in using medicinals to bring my clients’ health from symptomatic relief to a state of constitutional balance, graceful aging, and genuine well-being.

I work with classical Chinese formulas, modifying them appropriately to create a custom prescription. As my client’s condition shifts, the herbal formulation also shifts. I dispense formulas in my office. Concentrated powdered extracts are the primary form I work with, but I also dispense capsules and caplets.

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